After living respectively two and three years in Buenos Aires we decided that the time had come to go out there, living in various cities throughout South America to find a ‘new place called home’. The selection process was not an easy one! We picked 5 cities – Florianopolis, Salvador de Bahia, Lima, Medellin and Bogota – and will be living in all of them in between 4 and 6 weeks. This blog is a diary of all the things we explore on the way and will of course keep you updated about ‘the next place called home rating’!

By living in Florianopolis, Salvador, Lima & Medellin we hoped to find ‘the next place called home’. The experiment succeeded we’re living in Lima!

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We’re curious about new places, local people and  food fanatics! And will do everything possible to experience all of the selected South American cities as a local by living in normal bairros or barrio’s (Portuguese and Spanish) and eating in every small but oh so local cantina (basic, small, local restaurant)!